Robert A. Quinn

Quinn for Freeholder

PO Box 5127

Somerset, NJ 08875

Cell phone: 609.613.3828


"Like many people who are new to politics, it is the future that my children face that motivates me to run for office." 



Affordability has been voiced as a top concerns for many Somerset County residents. As a representative of middle class families, I too feel the pain of healthcare, education, and day to day  The containment of tax growth will be a top priority when I take office. The most effective means of controlling the growth is to streamline existing tax revenue and find inefficiencies.


  • Consider moving non customer facing roles to county level. Tax collection would be a starting point. 

  • Work to settle the numerous lawsuits by sheriff's office personnel against the current administration. This will limit the ongoing bill the taxpayers have been funding for far too long, which were a result of Policies that can be streamlined to provide better guidance to the dedicated support teams.


Somerset County is changing and it is important to remain in sync with the changes to ensure we are delivering the proper services to the community. It is vital to have different perspectives to get an accurate assessment of the community needs. 


  • Implement Round Table to solicit input from the community on a range of topics facing them, including taxes, jobs, education, environment, business climate. The feedback will be leveraged to prioritize and devise solutions 

  • Establish County Internship program


The most common question asked is often, why am I the best candidate for Freeholder? First, beyond my board experience and business acumen, I can related to many of the same issues the public is experiencing. Secondarily, given my IT background, I can modernize processes that save tax payer money. This is a skill that will benefit both the tax payer and the Freeholder Board. Finally, I bring a unique energy to the party that it requires to grow into the future. 


  • Streamline present activities utilizing Information Technology. This is a win/win as it saves the taxpayer time while more effectively utilizing tax revenues.

  • Support for Security initiatives proposed by Candidate Tim Pino for our houses of worship/schools

  • Ensure funding for Canine Droneforce initiative