Robert A. Quinn

Quinn for Freeholder

PO Box 5127

Somerset, NJ 08875

Cell phone: 609.613.3828


"Like many people who are new to politics, it is the future that my children face that motivates me to run for office." 



Affordability has been voiced as a top concerns for many Somerset County residents. As a representative of middle class families, I too feel the pain of healthcare, education, and day to day  The containment of tax growth will be a top priority when I take office. The most effective means of controlling the growth is to streamline existing tax revenue and find inefficiencies.


  • Consider moving non customer facing roles to county level. Tax collection would be a starting point. 

  • Reduce Overtime at County Jail by leveraging Hunterdon County resources


First, let it be clear that diversity is not an attempt to make group less than another, but rather it is a celebration of differences. Somerset County is changing and it is important to remain in sync with the changes to ensure we are delivering the proper services to the community. It is vital to have different perspectives to get an accurate assessment of the community needs. 


  • Establish Diversity Round Table to solicit input from the community on a range of topics facing them, including taxes, jobs, education, environment, business climate. The feedback will be leveraged to prioritize and devise solutions 

  • County Internship program


One of the most critical issues in our current era is the state of education in New Jersey.  Robert has been actively involved in opposing the Common Core** and PARCC initiatives based upon the effect to the children of New Jersey. The standards have impacted our most vulnerable children most appreciably. This is an injustice to these young children, who have so much potential. The key to move out of poverty is encouraging the love of education, which is the opposite of Common Core & PARCC.

New Jersey has sufficient teaching talent within its colleges to define its own standard measures of College bound requirements for children. At the same time, we should acknowledge that pathways that do not include College are admirable. In fact, our trades roles are some of the most stable jobs in our present economic conditions.

Finally, we cannot address education without reviewing our statewide childhood literacy rate. This is a key predictor of future success and the foundation for the children's bright future. It should be the expressed aim to decimate childhood illiteracy within our state, which will have a pronouncing positive impact not solely on the children's lives but our economy and financial affairs.

*The nationally renowned Dr Sandra Stotsky is an advisor to the Education Platform

**Common Core is  a set of education standards for teaching and testing English and Mathematics in grades K-12.


New Jersey has become reknowned as current business unfriendly climate. We see this alone in the flow of businesses from our state. How do we make New Jersey competitive again?  How do we stem the flow of businesses and citizens fleeing to other states due to the lack of jobs and high taxation?  Half measures cannot resolve our present predicament. Our legislature needs to enact policies that incubate conditions to attract business. This will require the courage to consider new ideas and tactics.